Friday, May 11, 2018

A Look At Bed Liners and Bed Covers

Custom Truck Bed Covers
What Is A Custom Truck Bed Liner? Custom truck bed Liners and covers (also known as custom tonneau covers) are created and designed to preserve and enhance the display of your truck. Truck bed covers are one of today's most fashionable truck accessories available on the market.

Why Should You Get A Truck Bed Liner?

You should get a custom truck bed cover for the following reasons:  It reduces drag
Improves gas mileage from 5 to 10mpg
Produces extra storage space
Protects your load

What Are The Different Kinds of Custom Truck Bed Covers?

The complete selection of pickup truck bed covers include:
Soft rollup tonneau covers
Folding tonneau covers
Retractable tonneau covers
Hard tonneau covers
Hinged tonneau covers
Tool box tonneau covers
Tonneau accessories.

The kind of truck bed liners are outlined as follows:

Spray On Bed Liners are the fastest easiest and the most convenient way to top your truck bed. Made with a durable Polyurea spray and must be sprayed on by a professional. The best brand by far is ArmorThane. With 30 years in the industry, you know you will be receiving both good customer service and that professional sprayed on look as well.

 Folding Tonneau Covers:
Folding tonneau covers provide the smooth look of a hardcover with the convenience of a soft cover. In just a few seconds folding tonneau covers effortlessly reveal your entire bed for big loads. Plus hard folding tonneau covers install fastest and most comfortable.

Retractable Tonneau Covers:
In seconds retractable tonneau covers roll away for full bed access. These hightech retractable tonneau covers do the job right. Retractable tonneau covers showcase the ultimate combination of hard tonneau security and soft tonneau convenience.


Hard Tonneau Covers:
Hard tonneau covers offer the best in protected bed coverage smooth looks and complete durability. Aerodynamic design improves gas mileage. Easy to install and remove.


Hinged Tonneau Covers:
Hinged tonneau covers unlatch and lift for full bed access. Features a smooth aerodynamic design to improve gas mileage. This tonneau cover mounts easily fast and latches instantly. Tool Box Tonneau Covers: Tool tonneau covers secure whatever you need to carry to do the job.

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